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Hi, my name is Rory Bradford (I use the roryrjb handle pretty much everywhere on the Internet) and I'm a remote software developer based in Western Europe (UTC±00:00). I am passionate about free and open-source software and equally interested in software development, infrastructure, DevOps, SysAdmin and dev tooling.

I have experience with many different technologies and tools including Python, fullstack JavaScript (browser, Node.js, Express, Vue.js, React, React Native), Perl, Lua, Java (mostly Android), a bit of C/C++/D, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Nginx, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, POSIX shell/Bash, AWS, Azure, and others.

I'm most at home on a Unix-like system with Vim, a POSIX shell, sed, grep, man pages, Make and Ansible in my toolbelt, but I'm capable in other environments as well.

I make Debian packages and occasionally blog.

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